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        At NUS, we believe that knowledge and research can, and should, be used to improve lives. To empower our students, we've pioneered some of the most innovative programmes available today.

        Choose from our wide-ranging multi-disciplinary curricula, including over 70 joint, concurrent and double degree courses established with the world’s leading universities.

        USP students with their professors out at sea to experience the physics of sailing.


        For students with outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and special talents, we offer a range of scholarships and awards.


         Covers all tuition fees
         Annual living allowances

        Financial aid

        Our various financial aid packages are tailored to meet your needs.


        Staying on campus

        Your friends at NUS will go on to become the architects, designers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, musicians, writers and politicians of their generation. You will bond with them over meals, sports, seminars and community activities. Living on campus is exciting and rewarding.

        Learn more

        Sheares Hall
        Tembusu College
        Ridge View Residential College


        We look forward to learning about you.

        Download "NUS Undergraduate Viewbook 2018/2019"