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        Why Join NUS?

        Being part of NUS is more than just a career - it could be a life-changing experience.
        No matter what you do, it is an amazing place to be.

        Our Employee Value Proposition

        What you can expect?

        Lead impact in the global community and engage in meanining work, alongside with bright, diverse and dedicated
        Leading Impact
        Maximize your potential through continuous education and training, and ample opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth.
        Experience Growth
        Be part of the dynamic, fast-paced environment where people work, live and play in an diverse environment that is nurturing and supports the people's well being.
        Dynamic Community

        Find Career Opportunities in NUS

        Create your future and grow your career with us!

        Academic and Research Positions
        Executive & Administrative Positions
        Associate Management Programme

        About NUS

        Hear from NUS Employees

        Get challenged. Live. Play. Learn. Do it all at NUS.

        "As a Researcher, NUS is a top-notch University to conduct research. Beyond research, it aims at innovation and enterprise, and whatever research you conducted will be used in a very meaningful way."

        Ankit Joshi
        Manager, Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology)

        "Everyday is never quite the same. There is really so much going here all the time - whether it is an event or partnerships. There are also lots of cool things our students and faculties are doing in NUS!"

        Ong Shu Chen
        Executive, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

        "I like NUS because of its forward-thinking strategy for preparing its students with future-ready skills for the workplace. It's very meaningful work and good fun working with students here."

        Camilla Tessa
        Senior Manager, Centre for Future-ready Graduates

        "What really attracted me to NUS is that there is a diverse field of research across many different domains, and there is extreme depth in each of these domains. I get to educate and mentor the young minds here at NUS."

        Benjamin C.K. Tee
        Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering, Faculty of Engineering